Keep Bryn Green!

On Tuesday November 11 (Armistice Day) The Wigan Council Planning Committee will spend the day deciding on the future of the Greenheart of Bryn. 

 The full decision meeting will take place at the Wigan Youth Zone at 1pm. 



Latest News!

On Tuesday November 11  the Wigan Council Planning Committee passed plans giving permission for the locating of 2 new road junctions.
One on Bryn Road across from St. Peter’s church and the other next to the old site of the Golden Ball

The fight is not over yet by any means. There is still a long way to go and we will oppose this every step of the way.

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Massive Development Planned For Bryn!

  • Over 465 houses (more than 900 extra cars)
  • Massive Supermarket (450 parking spaces and deliveries 24hrs a day)
  • More Industrial Units (more HGVs)

Air pollution levels.
Pollution levels are already at the legal limit and rising.
Adding more traffic could only make things worse.

Traffic is already at a standstill and yet a new  junction is
planned near where the Golden Ball used to be.

No new schools planned.
No new school places will be available to accommodate children
moving in to the area and currently all primary schools are full.


EXTENSION TO OBJECTION DEADLINE. Objections are still being accepted… please get yours sent NOW!.

How to Object See how to object to the development. Step by step guide and a list of relevant objections. Read More…

Plans Now In!The plans have now been submitted and letters will be sent to around 200 residents. Official Site PlansUse Planning number A/14/79481 on the form.

Print a poster for your window… Help to deliver leaflets…

Area for DevelopmentThe area of land for development stretches from Bryn Rec. on Bryn Road all the way to the lodges at Landgate.
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TrafficThe amount of traffic is already causing long queues and congestion in many parts  especially at peak times.
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Planned New JunctionA new junction near to the Goldenball pub with traffic lights will cause even greater traffic problems.
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Pollution LevelsPollution levels on Wigan Road, Bryn are already above the legal maximum high yet more traffic is to be added.
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Objection PostersDownload and print out our Objection poster to display in your window. Print out one for your neighbour too!
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Deliver LeafletsCan you and your neighbours deliver leaflets to help us to raise awareness of this development?
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