When should I object…


Objections can STILL be submitted but don’t delay!


Download your objection letter starter page…


Where do I send my objection?

Send your objection letters to us: 2 Dryden Avenue, Bryn, WN4 0JU  or drop them off at Bryn Labour Club  

Alternatively :

Director Economy and Skills Places Directorate, Wigan Council, PO BOX 100 WIGAN,WN1 3DS


email to: planningrepresentations@wigan.gov.uk

Your objection must contain the application number (A/14/79481), your name, address and your signature.


What issues can I object to?

Some issues that might be important to you as a resident are not taken in to
consideration when deciding on whether to pass the plans or not.

See right hand side for a list of issues that are relevant to the planning decision.

Please take time to object and help to save Ashton & Bryn form more traffic and pollution!

Issues relevant to the planning decision

• The council’s published planning policies in the Local Development Framework (L.D.F.)
• Central government planning guidance
• Air pollution
• Design
• Appearance
• overshadowing
• overlooking or loss of privacy
• adequate parking and servicing
• overbearing nature of proposal
• loss of trees
• loss of ecological habitats
• design and appearance
• layout and density of buildings
• effect on listed building(s) and Conservation Areas
• access or highways safety
• traffic generation
• noise and disturbance from the scheme
• disturbance from smells
• public visual amenity, but not loss of private individual’s view
• flood risk

Issues that are NOT taken into consideration.

• loss of value to individual property
• loss of view
• boundary disputes including encroachment of foundations, gutters
• private covenants or agreements
• the applicant’s personal conduct or history
• the applicant’s motives
• potential profit for the applicant or
from the application
• private rights to light
• private rights to way
• damage to property
• disruption during any construction phase
• loss of trade or competitors
• age, health, status, background, work patterns of the objector
• time taken to do the work
• capacity of private drains
• building or structural techniques
• alcohol or gaming licences