Pollution Already Above Legal Limit.

Levels of pollution on Wigan Road, Bryn have been rising year on year.
The year 2011 saw the pollution level hit the maximum legal limit with the following year exceeding that.

Wigan Road already sees  long queues and congestion everyday especially at peak times.
Pollution levels are already a risk to the health of the residents. What reasons can there be to increase them?

Additional sources of pollution:

  • The 450 new homes could have 900 cars.
  • New Super market attracting hundreds of shoppers.
  • Industrial units being serviced by HGVs
  • Workers at the units travelling to work

Residents all around Ashton will see some effect of this extra pollution but those living closest to the new traffic lights will have lines of traffic stopped in front of their houses and will be the ones most affected.


Why add pollution to and area that is already above the pollution limit?